Sassy Hair Game

  • March 4, 2020

I’m Liana, 22 years old I was born in Allay, and I love to do experiments on my hair. I keep changing my hair color every two months. I don’t know I’ve craze of changing my hair color.

I was on a visit to my uncle’s place in San Bernardino, and my cousin always loved my hair transformation. I keep changing my hair length from long to short or layers to fusion cut.

She was graduating from school, and she wants me to join her on the graduation day. My skin and hair were dull and tan because of the sun exposure all the time because I am a traveling blogger.

I’ve two hobbies, transforming my hair and traveling to different places around the world.

As I was on holiday, so I visited their place, but I was not sure about the hairstylist in San Bernardino, but I was ready to do an experiment on my hair from the best salon in the town.

I asked my cousin that before her graduation day, why not; she also transforms her hair, and we decided to search for the brighter color shade, which will look bold and beautiful on us. And she always loved red, yellow and orange type color but yellow and orange will look drastic.

I asked her to let’s keep searching for the colors, and she also asked me that she want low lights on her hair. I said she should go with the dark base color with low lights, which will look best on her. We both searched for hours to get the best salon on board to get the best outcome because I always choose the best option for my hair because I’m not too fond of something which will not satisfy me in the first place.

Finally, after a week, we finalized one salon in San Bernardino and heard a lot about that salon that their service is always on the top, and they have the best professional staff.

We visited the salon the next day and asked the hairstylist which color will look best on me. And I always wanted to go for a purple color because it looks beautiful on my best friend and I wanted that on my hair too.

Live to Dye

My cousin selected red color for her hair. She started with my hair by putting shampoo on my hair, and after that, she started placing dye on it. I was a bit nervous because I didn’t want my hair to get damage, nor was I ready to see the worst outcome.

But luckily, the result was beyond my imagination. The color was looking so perfect on my skin, and it was enhancing my skin tone.

On the other, the hair color of my cousin turned out so well her hair color was looking incredible, and she did her job pretty well.

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